"I'm a nobody. It's the easiest thing to remember; so remember it..." NYC. Instagram: @Johndowski

I know, it’s been a while but check out a video from my class back in December of 2012.

Song: Travis Porter - Ayy Ladies (feat. Tyga)

Choreography: Johnny Sadowski

shot & edited by Memuhree

Going back to the DMV to teach my last workshop of the year!
Latonya & I will be teaching, so come end the year right and get your groove on!

never been this crazy for such a lady…

me + you = us

Sunday. December 16th.
.new york city.
come dance…til the world ends.
.lady, you got me goin’ crazy.

.lady, you got me goin’ crazy.

.I feel like I’m a professor.

…although I’m not, lol

Song: Panty Wetter
Artist: Trey Songz

Choreography: Johnny Sadowski

Song: No Diggity
Artist: Blackstreet

Choreography by: Johnny Sadowski

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